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Hi there! We’re introducing Bachelorette Pad, our new weekly column about bookworm-related things happening in the world, on our blog, or even just around our apartment. Check back here every Sunday for the latest from the Pad.

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The Bachelorettes


The Austen Project – May 22

I’m not even going to pretend that I’m a Jane Austen fan. What was once a source of private shame that I had somehow gotten through high school and an English lit degree with minimal exposure to Jane Austen has morphed into indifference. Jane Austen for me falls into the bad reading habit category of … Continue reading The Austen Project – May 22

Books I can Always Reread

For some reason, every fall I am drawn to rereading some of my favorite books. I don’t know if it’s the cooler weather that makes me want to snuggle into my old sweatshirts and my old books, or if it is the foliage that makes me nostalgic. In this post, M and I will list … Continue reading Books I can Always Reread

Man Booker Award Winners

My newest reading goal is to read all of the Man Booker Award winners. The prize first got awarded in 1969, so this would not involve too much reading on my part, especially because I have already read 6 of the books. Below you can find a list of the winners, which I found here. … Continue reading Man Booker Award Winners


In general, I don’t like movies. They make me too emotional and I don’t like sitting still in front of the TV for that long. But occasionally I will enjoy a good movie. M and I recently went to see Beauty and the Beast, which got me thinking about best book-to-movie adaptations. I can obviously … Continue reading Adaptations