Quick Review: Beyond Words

Title: Beyond Words: How Animals Think and Feel

Author: Carl Safina

Published: 2015

The down low: Nonfiction about animal behavior going into depth on killer whales, wolves and elephants.

Summary in 2 sentences: Carl Safina talks to numerous animal behaviorists and other who have spent their lives studying animals. He shares stories and insights into how animals think and feel, and proves that animals do have incredible human-like tendencies.

Why you should read it: If you like any type of animals, this is a great book to read, as Carl combines anecdotes about wolves and elephants in the wild with observations of his own pets (which include two dogs, a squirrel and I think a bird of some type). Also, it makes me mad that people still treat animals so inhumanely in this day and age, so everyone should read this to get a bit of perspective.

How Books & Bachelorettes categorizes this book: Critter nonfic


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