The Light Between Oceans

Tom Sherbourne returns from the World War I and just wants to forget about everything from his time overseas. He signs up to work “on the lights”, that is, working the lighthouses that are scattered across the coast of Australia.Β He then marries Isabel, but they are unable to have children. So when a baby washes up to shore the couple makes the devastating decision to keep the baby as their own.

I will say I was expecting something else from this book. I had seen the previews for the new movie and figured the book would be sappy and feel-good. While it was sappy in some parts, I would never call it a feel-good novel. Without giving anything away, I was pretty surprised by the ending.

The question that this novel revolves around is essentially an overused one. “How far would you go for someone you love?”

I am curious to see what others thought of this novel, specifically the ending. My only problem with this novel was that I found myself distracted by the sappy tones at times and couldn’t just enjoy the storyline, but maybe that’s a personal problem.



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