Attachments by Rainbow Rowell, 2012

After finishing The Goldfinch, I was looking for something nice and light. I enjoyed Eleanor & Park, so I decided to give Attachments a try, one of Rainbow Rowell’s books for adults.

Beth and Jennifer both work a newspaper, The Courier,Β in 1999. Their office finally gets Internet/email a few months before *~Y2K~*, and Beth and Jennifer take advantage of a new opportunity to chit chat through the work day via email. Enter Lincoln, an awkward perpetual student who is in the middle of a quarter life crisis. He takes a job at The Courier as an “Internet security officer,” which really just means screening everyone’s emails for NSFR content. He stumbles across Beth and Jennifer’s personal emails and instead of turning them in, finds himself getting caught up in their personal lives and falling in love with Beth.

First of all, I am a sucker for books that are told in correspondence – TBT to P.S. Longer Letter Later and TTYL am I right?!!?!

Also, I could 100% relate to Lincoln being in his 20s and struggling to figure out how to be an adult/what to do with his life/having too much free time at work and otherwise – feel that.

I rarely venture into this territory of books, but when I do, I want to be rooting for the couple/like the guy. I wasn’t really feeling Lincoln because 1) way too sensitive and 2) unrealistic. I have never in my life met a guy who is still hung up on a girl he dated at 19 (and is now 28). Just no way. And also, he’s a mega nerd and painfully socially awkward but looks like Harrison Ford/James Dean. Okay sure sure.

REGARDLESS – this was a decent dose of fun, women’s lit. To sum it up in two words: v. cute.



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