Quick Review: Find Her

Title: Find Her

Author: Lisa Gardner

Published: 2016

The down low: Released in 2016, this book was all over Goodreads (at least, it was all over my personal Goodreads). This is the eighth installment of Lisa Gardner’s popular D.D. Warren series.

Summary in 3 sentences: Flora Dane was kidnapped five years ago. For a year and a half, she had to live in a box, but then she escaped. Now, she is a vigilante, finding other men who prey on women. But while investigating a young woman’s disappearance, Flora herself disappears, and the plot suddenly becomes more sinister.

Why should you read it: You shouldn’t. Unless you have read the other D.D. Warren books, maybe. I basically blindly went into this one, because it was Halloween and I wanted a thriller. What I got was a sometimes disturbing, sometimes ridiculous drama. The plot was too weighed down by the seemingly dual storylines, that yes, do combine in the end.

How B&B categorizes this book: disappointing



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