The One and Only

I am going to keep this brief because M has already written a spectacular review, which you can find here, and because I don’t want to devolve into a full-blown rant against this book and the author.

The main feeling I have around this book, written by Emily Giffin, is that afterwards, I felt ashamed to be a football-loving woman. I cannot even tell if Emily is also a football loving woman, or if she hates all women who love football. Either way, it is not a good look.

Also, may I just say that if you are going to write a book that revolves around football, please do not get your facts wrong. For example, Emily claims that the Cowboys had a “great winning game” against the Steelers in Heinz Field last season. A) yeah right, and B) these two teams play each other once every four years, so that’s highly improbable.

My final mini-rant will be against the violence against women represented in this book. The coach of an amazing college football team looks the other way when his star quarterback’s girlfriend comes to him complaining of rape and abuse. This is bad enough. Keep in mind that (spoiler alert) the main character ends up with this coach, so he is supposed to be a good guy. Now tack on to this the fact that the coach looked the other way because, AND I QUOTE, “he didn’t believe the girl because she had a reputation.”

Done. Sickened and done. Will never read another Emily Giffin book. Unless someone tells me it is more ridiculous than this one, then my curiosity might get the better of me.



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