Nighttime is My Time

Oh Mary Higgins. Nighttime is My Time was the fifth Mary Higgins Clark book I read, and the worst by far.

Nighttime is My Time follows Jean Sheridan, a college professor and best selling author, as she returns to her hometown for her high school’s twenty reunion. Jean is one of the honorees at the reunion, but her excitement is short lived. Jean soon realizes that all of the women she sat with at lunchtime in high school have died in mysterious circumstances since their graduation. Only Jean and her friend Laura remain.

Jean is also threatened by someone sending her faxes about her daughter that she gave up for adoption shortly after her high school graduation. She soon realized that the deaths of the women she used to be friends with and the faxes may be connected, and that the person responsible is most likely at the reunion with her.

The pace of this mystery was all off. MHC introduced us to at least 15 characters in the first 50 pages and by the time the killer was revealed in the end, I couldn’t even remember who he was supposed to be. This book just felt dated to me. It was published in 2004, but felt like it had been written in the 80’s.

The villain was too ridiculous to be scary, so I didn’t even get freaked out by the book. MHC’s favorite scheme was to write a paragraph written from the perspective of the villain, and then to cut to a scene of one of the male reunion goers and describe something about him that made you think he was the villain. This was frustrating, as I want a mystery where I have a chance of revealing who the killer is before we actually figure it out.

I guess I’ll just have to read one more MHC to end on a good note with my slight obsession.



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