Zoo by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge; 2012

All I can really say about Zoo is LOL.

I was looking for something easy to read one night before bed, so I checked out Zoo from the library, figuring I could watch the show after reading it. Zoo is by James Patterson AKA probs really Michael Ledwidge.

In short: all over the world animal attacks are growing in frequency and brutality. Lions begin coordinating their attacks in Africa; household pets go missing; dog bites increase with alarming frequency. Enter Jackson Oz, a GENIUS who has dropped out of his fast-track PhD program because of his radical views on evolving animal behavior. As animal attacks increase with more cunning coordination and brutality, Oz must convince the world leaders that it is, in fact, REALLY HAPPENING. Sounds like a cool idea, right?

Most ridiculous parts:

  1. Oz is supposedly a “genius” yet it takes him many years to figure out the cause of the strange animal behavior, even though it ends up being something relatively straight forward (straight forward for a genius biologist that is). He also acts and thinks like a twelve-year-old (for example, when grizzly bears are attacking his car: “I assumed he wasn’t from AAA.” ha ha.) AND thinks nothing of keeping a chimpanzee in his apartment as a pet even when he is trying desperately to share his message with the world about changing animal behavior and is confidently waiting for animals to run rampant. K.
  2. The “science.” This book essentially consists entirely of half-formed ideas and explanations with little to no scientific backing. Here’s an example: “We’re calling the unfortunate new experiment Z-O-O…those letters stand for something, but f*** if I can remember what.” If you were wondering, they NEVER remember what those letters stand for. Before reading this I thought Congo was the most ridiculous book, but at least it had some convincing science behind the absurdity.
  3. The quantity and violence of animal deaths and the lack of remorse toward them. Ditto for human deaths.
  4. The end. This may be interpreted as a spoiler for some, but I feel that it is my duty as a reviewer to reveal that there isn’t a resolution to this book. There isn’t a resolution as in there isn’t a complete explanation or solution for dealing with all of these animals gone rogue. It ends SO abruptly that I am convinced Ledwidge/Patterson was just like ‘K I’m done here’ one day when he realized he couldn’t figure out how to tie up all of his loose ends.

Pros: I laughed a lot while reading this.

In other news, I started watching the show on Netflix and it already makes a million times more sense than the book.


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