I was obsessed with this book. Let me just begin by saying that I am super glad I am single right now, or I would probably find my current boyfriend very lacking when placed next to the strapping hero of Outlander, Jamie Fraser.

Outlander begins with Claire, a World War II nurse who is on her second honeymoon in Scotland. Her and her husband, Frank, are trying to reconnect after years apart in the war. Claire, however, accidently steps through a standing stone and gets transported back into eighteen-century Scotland, where she meets the ruggedly good-looking James Fraser (played by Sam Heughan in the Starz adaptation **heart-eyes emoji**), who she is forced to marry for her own safety. Thus begins one of the most romantic storylines I have ever read.

SPOILER ALERT. In the end, Jamie is taken hostage by his British Rival, Jonathan Randell (great great great great grandfather to Claire’s first husband, Frank). Jamie is tortured at length, and I honestly had an upset stomach for the final 200 pages. I loved this book up until that point, and then it was just too much.

As depressingly honest as this is, I will not be continuing with this series for the sole reason that I am convinced that being obsessed with a love affair like Claire’s and Jamie’s is not good for my health. I would, however, highly recommend the first book in this series to all of my lady friends looking for a good romance to distract them from our modern day Tinder romances.



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