Moonlight Becomes You

I’ve figured it out. How I’m going to get my name in the Guinness Book of World Records. I am going to set the world record for the fastest time to read all of Mary Higgins Clark’s novels. I mean, I am basically already doing that.

Just finished Moonlight Becomes You, and I’m pretty disappointed. I think maybe I’m reading too many MHC’s too fast, and it becomes evident how formulaic they are. Here is the formula (potential spoiler for all MHC books): girl seems smart, capable, successful. Girl meets one or two guys who she dates casually. Girl gets involved in a murder, somehow solves it BEFORE any officials can, then gets attacked by the killer, who is typically her boyfriend. Girl is rescued by OTHER boyfriend. The end.

Moonlight Becomes You tells the story of Maggie Holloway, who has just reconnected with her ex-stepmother. When Maggie goes to visit her, she finds Nuala murdered. Then all of Nuala’s friends, who all reside in a nursing home, begin to die. Maggie has to figure out the mystery herself, as all of the cops in the town are inept. And yes, this follows the typical formula.

Would not recommend, unless you are stuck in a cellar for 48 hours or something. Next up, I’m reading Devil in the White City. Cannot wait.



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