All the Pretty Horses

Cormac McCarthy has been on my list of “authors I should probably read” for a long time. I can’t decide if I am happy that I read All the Pretty Horses or not. One the one hand, it was super depressing (which is apparently something I should have known to expect from a McCarthy book). On the other hand, however, it was beautifully written and holds some of my newest favorite quotes.

All the Pretty Horses follows sixteen-year-old John Grady Cole on a thrilling adventure from his hometown of Texas into Mexico in the 1940’s(?). Cole and his best friend, Rawlins, encounter danger, adventure, and love along the way, eventually ending up in a lethal Mexican prison. The story, while straightforward, often plunges into deep metaphorical discussion. Typically, I would find it hard to believe that two teenage boys would sit around discussing death and religion, but somehow, McCarthy makes this plot believable.

I would have enjoyed this book MUCH more if there was not so much Spanish involved. I have never taken a day of Spanish in my life, and basically had to look up every single Spanish word besides hola. This proved to be very time-consuming and a little bit obnoxious. But I guess I learned some Spanish from it!

Definitely recommend this, especially to anyone with a third grader’s grasp of Spanish and above.



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