The Island

The Island, by Elin Hilderbrand; 2010

“A” and I are hitting the beach early this year – FRIDAY! – so I broke out my favorite favorite favorite summer-beach-read girl Elin Hilderbrand early this year as well. Double bonus.

The Island is one of my favorite Hilderbrands that I’ve read YET. Chess Cousins abruptly calls off her wedding to dream man Michael Morgan, sending her mother, aunt, and sister, Tate, back to their family summer home on Tuckernuck Island where they haven’t been in 13 years. The women return to the island for the month of July and are basically in total isolation there except for their caretaker Barrett Lee, who visits them with their groceries twice a day. Obviously Barrett is young and handsome. All four women deal with heartbreak, ex-lovers, secrets, etc.

I enjoyed the stories and evolutions of Birdie and India – Chess and Tate’s mother and aunt – a lot more than the two younger sisters, much to my surprise. Tate was borderline annoying. As usual, the storytelling is on point, and really can anyone describe food as well as Hilderbrand can…? This book is about soul-searching, relationships, and reconnecting. A MUST READ while you’re lounging on the beach.



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