Books I’ve been embarrassed by

When the summer rolls around, I like to throw my coats, hats, gloves and serious books in the back of my closet. Time to break out my Elin Hilderbrands! For years I wouldn’t read “beach books” in public. I remember dutifully toting Don Quixote to the Parisian shores, because I wanted to shove my smartness in other people’s faces, apparently. I completely blame my mother. She used to scoff whenever I would pull out any novel remotely akin to a romance.

Now, however, I am living alone and single as a single pea in a pod, and those same beach-y reads are looking mighty appealing. Last summer, I read Love the One You’re With (Emily Giffin),  The Lucky One (Nicholas Sparks), The Undomestic Goddess (Sophie Kinsella), and Silver Girl (Elin Hilderbrand). This summer, I plan on reading way more books that I categorize as “books that used to embarrass me.”

While down in Florida last weekend, I somehow found myself reading Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters #7) by Christine Feehan poolside. For those of you unfamiliar with Feehan, this book is filled with raunchy scenes, and that’s about it. The inside cover has a seminude man looking out over the water. I was almost completely unabashed. I definitely hid the cover a few times when cute boys walked by, but otherwise, I basically forgot I should have been embarrassed about my reading material.

I am sure some people will have a problem with my definition of beach reads, but I consider anything that doesn’t involve prolonged thinking on my part to be a beach read. This can be a not-too-gory mystery, a romance novel, or a light YA book.

I also brought Uprooted by Naomi Novik to Florida. This book was much more entertaining to me than Hidden Currents (which I wouldn’t recommend to someone stuck bookless on a deserted island), but still definitely a beach read.

So now I guess I have two book related resolutions for 2016: 1) read more nonfiction and 2) be less embarrassed about books I enjoy, even if they are “low-brow” (sorry mom!).



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