The Bluest Eye

I loved this book! My coworker loaned it to me and I read it in a day and a half. Morrison did a wonderful job of rationing happy to sad moments. While the main pull of the novel centered around the tragic wish of a young black girl to have blue eyes, there were also sweet, childish moments in between. These moments usually centered around the two sisters of the novel, 9 year old Claudia and 10 year old Frieda.

Claudia and Frieda are friendly with the young girl who wants blue eyes, Pecola. The novel starts after Pecola has had her baby, and then takes the reader back to the entire year before. We learn about the town where the three girls live, and how their families coexist. Claudia and Frieda plant seeds in their backyard, promising each other that if the seeds take and their plants grow, that Pecola’s baby will be healthy.

The main theme of the novel is beauty, and how the definition of beauty has been very limiting throughout history. Great read.



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