Little Bee

Wow! This book took me some time. It was so unbelievably dark. The last time I wanted to stop reading a book because it was disturbing me was when I read They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky and it is the true story of child soldiers in Sudan. That book I had to physically remove from my immediate vicinity, that’s how upsetting it was for me. This one was only slightly less disturbing, and only because I knew it wasn’t entirely true.

Little Bee is the story of Little Bee, a 16-year-old Nigerian refugee who comes to England after narrowly escaping death in her home country. She comes to England to find the woman who saved her life, Sarah O’Rourke. I feel like the author, Chris Cleave, tried to make the ending “happy”, but didn’t succeed at all. I won’t give anything away, but honestly, while this book was well-written, I wish I hadn’t read it. I will definitely be thinking about this one tonight while I stare at the dark ceiling of my room.

I will go back to Mary Higgins Clark now please.



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