The Martian

This might have been the first time I have ever watched a movie before I read the book version. And I only did that because I didn’t realize there was a book version of The Martian. I should have left it at the movie.

My coworker told me that this book read like an extended math problem. So accurate. I will say there are technically two parts to this book. The parts on Mars, and the parts back on earth. (For those unfamiliar, Mark Watney gets stuck on Mars when his crew thinks he’s dead. He has to survive five years until the next spaceship lands on Mars). The parts set on mars are SO BORING, but the parts set on earth, as NASA tries to figure out how to get Mark home, are pretty good.

Still, I would only recommend this book to one of my friends, and she was a double math and computer engineering major, so she would probably get more of this book than I did.

If you can’t decide if you want to try reading this book, my suggestion is to Abort mission. Get it?



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