This Too Shall Pass: a novel

I won an advance reader’s edition of Milena Busquets This Too Shall Pass on Goodreads last month and it arrived in the mail on Friday. Since Jonas kept me inside all weekend, I figured yesterday I could sit down and read the nicely sized novel (it’s only 169 pages). I am just going to go ahead and say that I think this book was probably beautiful in it’s original language (Spanish), but that it loses a lot in translation. I would recommend reading this book in the original, if at all possible. The Spanish newspaper, La Vanguardia, describes the book: “Ultimately, the novel is the search for the right words to express a complex and intricate mother-daughter love.” I would completely agree, and since this is a novel focusing on putting complex emotions into words, it is not one that easily lends itself to translation. I felt very close to being moved during numerous passages of this short novel, but ultimately, I wasn’t.



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