I am Malala

Wow. I have so much to say about this book. Malala is so amazing. The value of education is one of the most underrated in our world. A fact that Malala likes to use is that around the world, there are 57 million children not in primary school. That’s insane.

While most of Malala’s story centers around her fight for education and the unrest in her native Pakistan, a lot of this memoir is also about the natural beauty of the Swat Valley, where Malala grew up. I cannot imagine wanted to return to the place where I was shot in the head as an innocent 15 year old girl. Malala wants to do just that. In the end of I am Malala, she writes, “Over the last year, I have seen many other places, but my valley remains to me the most beautiful place in the world. I don’t know when I will see it again, but I know that I will. I wonder what happened to the mango seed I planted in our garden at Ramadan. I wonder if anyone is watering it so that one day future generations of daughters and sons can enjoy its fruit” (313). The Swat Valley must be beautiful and an incredible place to live if Malala wants to return so badly. I wish I felt that way about any of the places I have ever lived in!

Malala and her father are now two of my biggest role models. I almost cried when I read this passage from the book: “My father was convinced the Taliban would hunt him down and kill him, but he again refused security from the police. ‘If you go around with a lot of security the Taliban will use Kalashnikovs or suicide bombers and more people will be killed.’ he said. ‘At least I’ll be killed alone'” (233).

Now I’m going to have to see the documentary made about Malala, He Named Me Malala, directed by Academy Award Winner Davis Guggenheim. I am also going to do a ton of research on her charity, as that would be an amazing place to work! If you are curious about Malala and want to learn more about her and her fund, go to her website.





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