Mary Higgins Clark

In my young adulthood, I have recently discovered Mary Higgins Clarke, the Queen of Suspense, and let me tell you, she is a QUEEN. I just spent two entire evenings reading Remember Me. My immediate reaction upon finishing was to scream with delighted laughter and text my aunt, sister and cousin to recommend any MHC they could get their hands on.

I have now read three of her books: A Cry in the Night, Daddy’s Gone a Hunting and Remember Me. MHC is amazing for three main reasons. First, if you have just finished a very serious, tough read (cough cough* Zealot by Reza Aslan), it’s nice to get into something mindless (no offense, MHC) and entertaining. Second, these books are very easy to read. As I said above, it took me just two evenings to finish the 304-pages of Remember Me. Third, she wraps all her stories up with a nice bow. Everything comes full circle and is completely explained, without a hint of doubt. Well, okay there is a hint of doubt (like when the villain with the gun runs away when a witness shows up to the attempted murder). You aren’t left wondering about MHC’s books late into the night, however, because she explains all the terror away.

For someone who is easily scared (see my blog post titled “October: The Perfect Month to Reminisce on the Books that have Terrified me” for reference), this final quality is the most crucial. MHC’s genius plot lines ALMOST allow me to ignore the annoying clichéd parts of her books about love and happiness (gross).



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