The Year of the Flood and Oryx and Crake

I am over 100 pages into The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood and I cannot figure out when in comparison to Oryx and Crake it takes place. I can’t even tell if we are supposed to be able to figure this out or not.

Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy (of which Oryx and Crake is the first installment followed by The Year of the Flood) tells the story of a dystopian future in which much of humanity has been killed off by a supposedly man-made disease. Animal splices, the result of DNA mixes, run rampant.

Sidetracking, I would KILL for a rakunk. I know we are supposed to think that this future world is awful and that we as humans are bad for mixing the DNA of other animals, but when Snowman describes his childhood pet, a mix between a rat and a skunk, all I want to do is buy one. Sorry.

Anyway, Oryx and Crake follows the story of Snowman, one of the few surviving humans left after the disease has taken out anyone infected. The Year of the Flood is about Ren, a “young” trapeze artist (read stripper) and Toby. I think that the two novels are taking place at the same time, but I am not 100% sure, and it is distracting me from fully enjoying the book.

One more sidetrack, I have this problem when I read Margaret. I keep thinking her “young” characters are 10-15, and then I find out towards the end that they are closer to 30. Not sure if this is due to my extreme youth (hair flip emoji) or to Margaret’s extreme non-youth, but I wonder if I’m the only one who has this problem. Probably.

The MaddAddam Trilogy is definitely worth the read. It will leave you wondering what path we are going down as a species and whether or not we wish to continue.



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