We Were Liars

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

I was in the mood for a fun, quick read and I’d heard about We Were Liars quite a bit. So I committed four hours of my life to this one. UGH, what a mistake. Basically this book reminded me why I stopped reading YA at 17. I think maybe the overdone angst in YA is too much for me and hard to take seriously.

We Were Liars
is about
teenage cousins who
are beautiful
and call themselves
The Liars.

Did that annoy you? Because 1/4 of the book is written like that. I couldn’t quite figure out how commas were being used, and the narrator had a tendency to use ridiculous, long-winded metaphors to describe herself and her headaches. If I had to sum up this book in one word: MELODRAMATIC. I guess this was supposed to be edgy and experimental?

We Were Liars features a HEAVILY recycled plot: rich girl wants to date ‘poor’ but interesting and forbidden guy but can’t because of family. It’s also about the privileged Sinclair family who somehow own a private island off the coast of Massachusetts where they spend their summers. I guess this family is supposed to be interesting because they are rich???

I actually finished this book in a rage. It was mainly so awful because it hypes you up but then the end is like REALLY?! Kind of like watching one of the bad/stupid M. Knight Shyamalan movies. At least it was short.



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