Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary by Stephen King

I’ve read a few Stephen King books…The Shining, 300 pages of It, Misery, etc. His books are fun to read and all of them are chilling and creepy, but none of them disturbed me and actually scared me like Pet Sematary. This one was legitimate, pure horror. King himself wrote in the introduction that he went too far with this one, and he be right.

Pet Sematary is the story of the Creed family: Louis, a doctor at the university, his wife Rachel, and their two young children Ellie and Gage. They move to Ludlow, Maine to a cute house on a busy road. There’s also an intriguing path cutting through their woods. You see where this is going. From what I’d heard about the movie version of Pet Sematary growing up, I expected many little ghost pets running around the neighborhood, somehow wreaking havoc in small, potentially amusing ways. It was not that. There’s one resurrected pet: Church, the Creed’s black cat. Church comes back a little greasier, smellier, and dopier than he used to be.

Like most of King’s books, Pet Sematary has a slow build and has a few pacing issues. It’s not actually scary until the end, at which point it’s terrifying. But Church resurrected is a creepy, sinister suggestion of what’s to come throughout the book. Pet Sematary is about a lot more than dead pets, which is probably what makes it so horrifying. It’s about love and lose and the lengths we’d go to save the things we love.



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