Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand

No one can write a thoughtful, well-written beach read like Elin Hilderbrand – ladies, amirite? I exclusively read Elin in the summer, and only when I’m physically on the beach because otherwise I have serious FOMO. This summer I read Barefoot, The Castaways, and Beautiful Day. Beautiful Day was my favorite out of all three, although I had fun with all of them.

This book was ridiculous on many levels, but in the best way. There are way too many characters to name, but the basic premise is that Jenna is getting married on Nantucket and her deceased mother, Beth, left behind “The Notebook” as so-called advice for planning her wedding. There are scandalous affairs, ex-wives, cute dudes, misbehaving bridesmaids, secrets, etc. All of the makings for the perfect levels of drama and intrigue.

I love anything that Elin writes, so I was willing to begin to overlook the racism, gross displays of wealth, and EXTREME double standards between the male and female characters. I get that by writing about race and wealth she was basically trying to be edgy and call Nantucket out on their shit? But I don’t think it was well-executed and it was cringe-worthy in some places. I forgive her.

I really liked Margot, the MOH and Jenna’s older sister. She was realistically wishy-washy with her feelings about love. I have to say that Paula, Jenna’s stepmother, was treated unfairly. She didn’t do anything wrong except be alive and not be Beth. The Notebook (yes, capitalized EVERY time) definitely backfired. It made Jenna seem like a pushover and made Beth come off as wildly controlling instead of endearing. Overall, another win for Elin and definitely read this one for the drama.



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